Moving Along through ZG

Guild downed Bloodlord on Saturday.  Only took two tries!  We are managing to get better; at this point, we could almost say that Snake and Bat are in farm status (although Snake gave us an awful surprise this time-actually forced a retreat).  The goal as I understand it is to get to the point where we can have one evening’s run wipe the important bosses prior to Hakkar, and then Hakkar the next night.  Not sure how possible this may end up being; but time will tell.

Finally got Jailbreak out of my hair, and a UBRS run is all I need now to wrap the Drakefire Amulet quest, and then I’ll be keyed for Onyxia.

Gonna have to start running a bunch of LBRS pugs if I ever want to get keyed for UBRS.  Got a seal, but no gems, and given the random nature of drops, it’ll probably be forever and a week to get keyed.  Worse yet, odds of getting any gem at all is pretty low if one goes on LBRS in a raid group.  This could get very, very ugly.

Might’ve been able to break 400 gold, but I dealt my finances a bit of a blow by purchasing a bunch of dark iron ore; somewhere along the line I’ll smelt them in BRD; looking at forging more dark iron armor to prep for MC, whenever that time may arrive.  Or maybe I’ll just forge something to sell to try to get closer to that magical 900 gold.

Won’t be able to hit any instances this weekend-be out of state for a family reunion.  Hate to miss the downing of a new boss, but them’s the breaks.


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