Weekend Madness

Been a fairly productive weekend for Coreth.

Saturday’s highlight was the Zul’Gurub run.  The guild managed to not only kill off the Bat (who had spanked us pretty badly over the last month) but also the Spider (although that didn’t come easily-but much easier than Bat; loved the Beer Bugs).  Still, it was getting pretty late-2 AM local-so we pretty much called it on Spider.  One of the hazards of having so many 60’s was that we had too many ready for ZG.  Web site and signups are going to be the big mover now, and it’ll be interesting to see if a group can get put together for mid-week runs.  (Not me, though-gotta get up early in the morning; occupational hazard of having a FT job)

The lowlight was a failed Jailbreak run.  Ran it with a PUG, and it ended badly-Windsor was ahead of us, and aggro’d too many folks.  Partially our own fault-didn’t clear both loops.

Sunday had similar issues-tried another Jailbreak, again with a PUG (see a pattern?), and even though we cleared both rings this time, the supply room ambush cleaned us out.  The BRD run was salvaged for me, though, by staying a little longer to help others in the group with a couple quests-which netted me the Force of Will trinket and a +DEF ring.  My tanking gear can now get me to a full 400 Defense skill, which I keep hearing is “the magic number”.  Next stop-working on FR gear.  Already have a start on it, with the Fiery Plate Gauntlets schema, and recently crafted (as of Sunday’s run) Dark Iron shoulders.  Also got more ore-I’m going to have to do a run to the forge again sometime, plus finish off the outstanding Emperor’s Quest.

Finally broke 200 gold; only 700 more to purchase the upgraded mount.  *sigh*


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