Rez Please!!!

Can miss a lot in a week.  In the time I was gone, it was decided that the guild would have a new name (which, technically, meant re-creating the guild since there is no rename ability for guilds).  After much deliberation, the guild was named Resurrection.  I didn’t really care about the name-any of them-since I’d joined for the folks in the guild, not because of any names.  “Slippery when wet” would have been just fine too….

All of this led to a new guild site, since the old one was killed by the old management (I’m not getting into it).  Amusingly enough, it’s here on Guildportal!  Fortunately, I’m not webmaster this time, and I only have a small hand in things-not like I’m an officer.  Thank god.  Sometimes it’s good to only be a footnote.

Debating my build for Coreth at this point.  I find that I’m becoming more and more unsatisfied with it.  I’ve fiddled with talent calcs to create a protection spec warrior build, or a fury build.  Fact is, as an arms warrior, I find that I don’t do anything very well; of course, it could be the player and not the build, but that’s a little early to determine.  And since it’s my first respec, it’s only a gold in cost.  Still nowhere near what I need for the epic mount (140 out of 900; not good), but I can probably spare one.


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