The Joy of Bad Timing

Finally decided to leave my WoW guild for another one; had a good time working with the folks in the new guild, and so I made the switch.  Of course, nobody told me that the new guild was going through a “drama phase”; it appears that significant portions of the guild will be jumping ship soon; ironically, the friend who recruited me bailed a few days after I joined!

/roll eyes

On the bright side, a few decent trips to Scholo, LBRS, UBRS, and BRD have had some positive results.  All my weapons are blue weapons now, and I’ve upgraded my armor considerably (although no tier 0 pieces have fallen recently); I’ve learned to smelt dark iron ore, and managed to get about 8 bars smelted, with more set for my next trip.  Learned a few new smithing recipes.  Got myself over halfway to revered with Argent Dawn.  All in all, a very decent week.

I noticed the expertise tree for SWG Bounty Hunters was released.  Saw that it took maybe three minutes for the /forcewhine effect from the “jedi” to begin.  I honestly shouldn’t be taking so much pleasure in it, but when I don’t have any more stake in the game, I can’t help myself.

Finally began outlining the next Landwalker story, part two in “Confronting the Darkness”.  Took me a bit to iron out some of the details, and I think it’ll come together pretty decently.  Hopefully will begin writing it up in the not too distant future.


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