Semi-retirement for Coreth

Been a while since I updated, so here it comes.

My gaming schedule has made it more or less impractical for me to get Coreth through more instance runs (although he HAS managed to do an UD Strat run and another far-too-long BRD run) on the weekdays.  Unfortunately, those instance runs are the best way to make money for him, and the best way to get better gear.  So honestly, there’s no real point in playing the character except on weekends when I can devote the time to said instances.  (Also means he’ll probably never get keyed for UBRS, but that’s life for you)

So, at this point, my time will be spent on my paladin and my hunter, until one of them hits 60-at which point I’ll work a new character.  Perhaps I’ll even work the Horde side of things a bit.  An old friend recently came in-game to give it a try, so it gives me incentive to work the lower level characters a bit.

On other news, I expect to finish posting the latest Coreth L story next week.  Part one of the three part arc is done!  Now, to figure out how to get part two to cooperate….


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