And I thought the Warrens were bad….!

Been somewhat intermittent with my WoW playing lately.  But the last several days, I’ve been working my way back into it.  Coreth’s goal for the week is to finally hit 300 skill in armorsmithing, and I feel it is a realistic goal; I just have to get heaps of thorium and a few other exotic materials.  Fortunately, I hit 295, which allowed me to make some of the higher-end armor (at last), which helps offset SOME of the cost of materials.

Yesterday afternoon, I finally managed to get into Blackrock Depths (with a group, naturally), where I had a small host of quests hanging around in; plus, I wanted to learn to smelt Dark Iron ore.  Managed to complete most of the quests outstanding (some of which will tell me to go right back in), and participated in the Jailbreak event in there (which I will have to do myself in the not-so-distant future); I was unable to get to the fellow who will teach the smelting, though.  All told, it was about 4.5 hours in the instance.  At least I wasn’t up until 4 in the morning for this little adventure!

Live Strat is on my hit list, as I have at least one significant quest there, plus the process of getting there will also help with a couple others.  We’ll see how the week pans out there.  As a bonus, it’ll get me closer to getting Honored with Argent Dawn, which would allow me to purchase another smithing recipe.  Also need to start looking into getting a new 1H sword; the one I’ve got is ok, but it’s a green item, and a blue one would be better.

Speaking of which, blue ANYTHING at this point would be better.  Got my first Valor set piece in LBRS over the weekend-which I was able to promptly convert to a Heroism piece, thanks to a quest I’d put on hold.  And to think I’d considered simply purchasing the bracers on AH.  I also have a Valor belt I’d purchased at one point, figuring to resell for profit, but now I think I’ll hold onto it until I can convert it to Heroism as well.  So at this point, most of my armor is Imperial, but with one Heroism piece and a blue belt that’s a stand alone with good stats.

All told, ’twas a good weekend.


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