Let Down?

I feel as if I haven’t accomplished very much in the last week.

On the WoW side:  I’ve not really done too much with Coreth, aside from a first-ever encounter in Strat (Live Side, although there were certainly more undead than I’d have expected for “Live” Strat).  It didn’t go great, although I did come out of it with a better plate belt than what I’d had, as well as a Corrupter’s Scourgestone which will hopefully boost my AD rep a bit.  Part of the problem was…well, there was serious warping going on.  It reminded me all too much of the warping creatures in SWG.  I haven’t been in Strat to know if it’s usual or not; certainly, the guildmates I went in with seemed surprised by the difficulty in there as compared with previous versions.  I only HOPE it’s not because my tanking skills are still nascent-I’ve certainly done my best with the aggro management.  It was best against single foes/bosses (Ol’ Timmy never budged from me after I started in on him, so I must’ve done something right).  Mass assaults were trickier.  Priest usually did the pulls with a shackle, which pretty much established her as the prime hate target; I’m dubious about how good an idea it is, as it made getting aggro OFF of her difficult.

Well, that was the highlight for Coreth.  I haven’t done too much that I can recall, which makes it barely worth mentioning.  Gilraen took a returned buddy into the Deadmines, just so he got to see what an instance was like.  I’ll get back to being serious with him again fairly soon, I think.

Much of my week, however went to SWG.  And to be honest, I really have to motivate myself to find things to do.  I worked my freelancing pilot to what was once the last Tier-4 mission (ah, the pair of gunboats…).  Failed in my first attempt at them, but I AM out of practice, and have forgotten much of my strategies; even so, I took out all the fighter escorts, and only an ill-timed missile hit stopped me from finishing the job on weakened gunboats.  I have better hopes for my next attempt.  But as far as the ground game goes?  I haven’t done much.  I did discover that I am indeed on the free 14 days, and I find myself in the strange position of trying to decide if I should continue to re-up for the month, or if I should let it lapse again at the end of the period.  I expect, obviously, to make a final decision by the end of the week.


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