A Shorter Update

Spent a few days out of state, so no WoW for those days.  In spite of that, I still managed to get Coreth up to 57, and he is rapidly closing in on 58; I expect that to hit around tomorrow night, if all goes well.  Also managed to get the key to Scholomance, which means I can get into it for instance runs (although I’d really prefer that 58 first).  Spending most of my time in the Plaguelands, although I’ve spent some time in Silithus and Winterspring.

Gilraen hasn’t seen much use, although he did play tour-guide for some folks in the Graveyard and Library in SM.  I seem to have adapted to pally play well; received a significant number of compliments on my team-play; especially flattering when one realizes that I was the only one in that group who wasn’t on Vent (I really should start downloading this stuff).  In spite of that, Gilraen remains the truesilver transmuter (and someday, if I can get it up there, the arcanite transmuter) while Coreth is putting full effort into hitting 60.  Been a nice leisurely stroll to get to this point, but now it’s time to wrap it up!

Speaking of downloads, I’ve built up quite a little add-on library; it’s not as exotic as some folks, but I’ve found that Gatherer, and Atlas have been major helps; Auctioneer looks as if it’ll be very helpful, as well.  The Guild Event Manager seems like it will have long-term benefits.  Finally, MonkeyQuest helps me keep track of numbers of things I need to do quests (to be honest, it’s the least useful of the bunch, but it does at least give me a general level of the quest that is helpful).


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