Continuing the Ascent

Coreth the Warrior managed to hit level 56 almost by accident over the weekend.  I’d spent a great deal of time with that character over the previous week, and while I didn’t manage to get many other instance runs in, I did manage to close up a few quests.  The actual level gain popped when I was grinding Timbermaw rep so I could get through their territory without killing every living thing inside.  I was so involved in keeping track of the rep score that I didn’t see the climb of my xp bar until-ding!  Still haven’t managed to get to Sunken Temple; really need to get into there at some point.  Also for kicks, Dawookie and I ran through Wailing Caverns.  No xp gains involved, but there were plenty of green drops and a few blues; he got a bunch to disenchant, I got a bunch to sell on AH.  Thinking about doing a similar assault on Blackfathom Deep, since he hasn’t been there yet.  As for me…Coreth still needs to get a Scarlet Key for the Monastery.  Somewhere along the line, I’ll make another run at it.

Haven’t done much with Gilraen, other than have him do a transmute every couple days.  Truesilver supply is decent, but not terrific now.  Thorium remains the big draw.  Got a couple good spots in Winterspring and the Eastern Plaguelands, but still need to build a consistent location list for thorium in thos regions.

I’ve been keeping tabs on the “summit” activity for SWG.  I hear a lot of talk, but time has shown that talk is cheap.  I was amused, however, at seeing a general timeline laid out that completely destroys the myth that NGE was put in so they could change/add things easier and faster.  Not amused, though, by the possibility that the devs will make trader and entertainer secondary professions like pilot and politician.  Haven’t those people suffered enough?


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