Monasteries, Razorfens, and Smedlys

Coreth is cruising along at a moderate pace; he hit 53 this weekend, and I’m still working out which area I’ll have him hit next.  Gilraen just hit 38, and his weekend work included running the Library at the Scarlet Monastery (and now has a Cathedral Key), and hitting Razorfen Downs (lots of undead!  Whee!).  He didn’t get a bunch of loot from either run, but then again, he was using his Ravager axe he’d gotten from a previous SM run in the Armory, so I can’t rightly complain.

The big news from the weekend-although it was technically on Friday-was the big series of posts on the SWG forums from Mr. Smedley (President of SOE) and other assorted devs.  It took me quite some time to get through it all-and I had been following it as they were posting!  Smedley does seem to admit that NGE has done the game a tremendous amount of damage, and while he is committed to the NGE framework, it sounds as if he’s gotten the message:  there are no expansions planned until they fix the game, but content will be added, and there will be a method to start allowing a level of uniqueness to each character’s skills.  On the other hand, the devs who have posted seem to be bound and determined to strip out anything they don’t view as “Star-Warsy”-which bodes ill for an awful lot of things.

While Smedley says a lot of the right things-and I’ll commend him on being forthright with the player base, because there’s been too damned little of that on the forums-I still have the nagging feeling that we’ve heard this before.  Action is necessary-and swift action.  It did not help anyone’s peace of mind to hear that the first two classes slated for their “talent trees” (my phrase) are Bounty Hunter and Jedi.

Unsurprisingly, it was also confirmed that Creature Handling is NOT coming back.  I honestly never expected it too.  Just as I was certain that Ranger and Scout are not coming back (there was a comment in the big thread that camps aren’t returning, which just solidifies that detail).  The more I read, the more I’m convinced that the only things that the devs can do right (use that term loosely) is to remove things from the game; because they can’t add worth a damn-every time they do, something else breaks, usually several somethings.

That said; I continue to waffle back and forth between coming back for a month (certainly no more than that-WoW is pretty much the main at this point).  I just have trouble justifying it to myself.


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