Pally in Another Guild?

Coreth-the-Warrior remains at 50.  Slow going; I’ve had him do a few quests in the Blasted Lands, collected some mithril and thorium, but it remains slow going.  Well, it’s not like I didn’t know that the range of 50-60 was gonna be brutal.

My paladin has joined a new guild; it’s kind of a feeling out process.  If I am not on my alt enough to suit them, I told them to boot him; and of course, I want to see if they’re actually on and converse.  So far, it looks good.  The guild leader actually ran me through a portion of the Monastery last night; he’s a 60, and I just hit 34 with the paladin.  Others were invited to come along, but I was the only one who accepted, so…!  Came out with a decent two-handed axe.  Too bad I can’t use it yet (level issues).  Also accidentally sold off my 1 handed swords thinking a quest reward was replacing it-but it was a 2 handed sword!  D’oh!!!  I’ll have to see if it was recent enough to buy one of them back.

I did offer up all the non-BOP items that I couldn’t use to the guild at large before I stuck them on AH, but no takers.  *shrug*  It’s possible that this guild will work out-if so, I’ll ask for them to put an invite out to Coreth.

As an amusing side note-the name of the guild is Horizon.  Funny how life works sometimes, isn’t it?


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