Hitting 50

No, I haven’t turned 50; Coreth hit level 50 in WoW last night.

A number of Azerothian ecologists are now investigating what impact his merciless slaughter of vast numbers of greater lava spiders will have on the Searing Gorge environment.  A number of inferno and magma elementals have also lodged complaints.

Also amusingly enough, a glassweb spider dropped a real prize-an epic weapon!  This makes the second purple that Coreth has (but the first doesn’t really count; it comes from the Medallion of Expertise, which manifests a hammer for 1 hour with a 3 hour cooldown).  The bad news is that it’s a bow; something involving searing arrows or the like.  And naturally, Coreth isn’t an archer; when he uses ranged weapons, it’s a gun, and usually only for pulling purposes.  So, I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be selling it for oodles of gold, or something else.  It really goes against the grain to ditch the only epic I may ever get (let’s face it-Coreth hasn’t done too much in the way of instance runs).

I think I’ll give Coreth a bit of a breather now; finally got rid of his accumulated rest bonus, and I might want to do a little work on the pally or warlock before beginning the slow grind towards level 60.


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