The Slow Advance Continues

Managed to get Coreth to level 48 last night.  It’s been slow going, mainly because I’ve put a bit of extra time in my alts.  The pally is unguilded again, as the folks who recruited him went to a new server, and there were very few (as in, 3 or less) people on when I was playing him in the time he was in that guild.  So-back to being a free agent there.  Pally’s now sitting on 30, while the warlock hit 26.  I expect to be putting in more time with Coreth now, though; he’s spending a lot of time in the Hinterlands, as he gets decent xp and decent loot-enough to actually start getting his finances to gold again.  Also can occasionally get mithril and iron around-and very rarely, a bit of thorium.

Coreth also managed to finally get a hold of plans to make mithril spurs.  He’s actually got extras now, since he was able to skill up smithing making some.  I wonder if those shills around IF are actually succeeding in selling spurs + installation for 1 gold; I hate to do stuff like that as a general rule, but the spurs sell for squat on vendors, and nobody’s really going to purchase off of AH if they aren’t smiths themselves.

On the SWG front, not much (obviously).  Came upon a large number of screenshots taken dating back from pre-CU to the very last minutes of Coreth’s ranger career.  Bloody depressing, really, although there were a lot of good memories (favorite screenshot had the character watching a Tusken bantha attacking a canyon krayt; he was commenting, “This oughtta be good…”).

I anticipate posting the rest of the Ranger’s Choice story to conclusion during the next week.

As an amusing aside, I still have posting access to SWG’s forums.  I keep waiting for them to wake up….  Of course, I don’t exactly post a lot, and I certainly don’t let my contempt of SOE/LA color those posts (I save THAT kind of thing for SWGRanger).  I’m happy to still have that access primarily because I can get to old bookmarks easily and can keep track of what I’ve already read easier.

Sounds like the old guild is planning (well, maybe) a celebration of the anniversary of Horizon’s founding.  I wonder how many founders are still around; certainly, I can only think of a few people besides myself, and I don’t think any of us are in-game anymore-including the city’s first mayor.  On the other hand, I’m just glad to hear it’s still around-cities have faded away before.

Can’t think of anything else to cover for now.


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