One Year Later

It’s amazing how some events just slide right past you without notice.

It’s been slightly over a year now since I found myself pulled into the MMORPG market.

There have been a great deal of changes in that time.  Coreth Landwalker was born in SWG, became a master ranger, survived a massive game change called the Combat Upgrade, but was unable to tolerate the transition to the NGE seven months later.  In the time he was active, he mastered piloting a number of times (sickly, his Imperial pilot masteries exceeded his Rebel and Freelance ones), became a prominent member of his guild (the Hyperspace Outlaws for those keeping track)-even becoming one of the guild leaders at one point-, explored every world and hit every point of interest on them, and generally had a good time with his primary profession.

During the early days of the CU, Idievak Bialar was born in the same game, but on a different server.  He worked to becoming a master musician, and also managed to become a master architect-but never really got into the swing of things, since he was an alternate character to me.  But he was a character I enjoyed, because he was a very different one from Coreth Landwalker.

During a sabbatical from SWG, I experimented with WoW, and worked an undead mage up to level 32 or thereabouts on a PvP server; found it not to my liking, but gave the game another chance on a PvE server after NGE hit; Coreth was reborn there, as a warrior instead of a hunter as one might have expected.

Certainly not where I saw myself playing a year ago; I was convinced that SWG would be it for me, because of my long-standing love of Star Wars.  Because of that love, I still keep my eyes on the forums, and it DOES sound as if things are beginning to get better.  The spy class is getting most of what was going to the Ranger Revamp, the interface sounds as if they are finally getting the picture about how specials should be used, and the devs seem like they are FINALLY paying some attention to bugs reported.  It’s not yet at a point where I would come back yet, but it seems that the devs have been scared into actually listening to the community for a change-and more importantly, acting on what they hear.

So here I am, one year later, a former SWG player now playing hard on WoW.  I can’t begin to imagine where the next year will take me.


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