Bye, bye, Bane….

Left the Bane of the Horde yesterday.  It was time.  Just didn’t feel like a guild to me, just a list of names.  Guild chat was always silent, except for the occasional “ding” of a character celebrating a level gain.  So Coreth is back to being on his own…well, officially, now.Started to do some quests for blacksmithing; the first Armorer quest opened up, but I need to do some side quests to get to the point where I can actually do it.  Ironically, the armorer quest is green, but the quests to get the plans to do that quest are yellow.  Somebody out there has a sense of humor.  I’m really missing my mithril about now.  At least 60 mithril bars would be added to my current count, if only I hadn’t grabbed a mount.  On the other hand, my rapid rebuilding of iron stock can be directly attributed to the speed gained by the mount, so I can’t complain much.  As far as mithril goes, I’ve started looking at auction house; it may be simpler in the end to purchase what I need…but it’ll take heaps of cash.  I have GOT to start running some instances.  Maybe I’ll try to solo the Deadmines for kicks…nah.  It wouldn’t bring in the cash I need, even selling on AH.

Coreth also hit 43 yesterday as well, after completing a couple quests from Booty Bay.  Also:  after getting a hold of a nature protection potion or three, I paid back the Cyclonian with a can of butt-kicking.  Moral:  always check the combat log when something slaughters you.  Now, Coreth is wandering around with a Whirlwind Sword (I think that’s what it’s called).  Kind of embarrassing-thought it was a 1H weapon, but it was 2H.  Fortunately, Coreth uses both…but now I need to look around for a replacement 1H weapon, because he needs to get a 1H sword comparable to his level now-the current blade was a 31 level min, and that just ain’t cutting it anymore.  Might also have to look into other armor, as well (which may be higher priority-the sword I only use on group runs, after all, while I ALWAYS use armor).


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