Where Coreth is at now….

Leveled up to 35 with Coreth-the-Warrior today.  That officially marks the highest level I’ve gotten a character in WoW (Kizarvexius the mage on the PvP server only made it up to 32/33 or somewhere along that area before he was deleted).  Been doing pretty well with the character, all things considered; in addition to the level based stuff, he’s also gotten his professional skills to the point where he can mine mithril, and forge green-iron helms (I might have to break down and start purchasing iron; can never find it fast enough!).

Also decided to try an alt a bit this weekend; leveled a warlock to 10 or 11 (can’t recall which); just enough for a voidwalker pet.  It’s a different playing style than warrior, and similar enough to mage that I can get used to it.  It’s kind of fun to lay a triple-dose of DOTs and watch the walker just sit there and take the abuse while the mob dies….

Looks like the Bane site is going to simply remain a placeholder for now.  Oh well.  I’ll live-means I don’t have to keep an eye on things before limits get hit (low maintenance is good).  If the guild ever decides to move on this kind of thing, it’ll be here for them.

As I read the SWG forums, things haven’t gotten any better; the community can barely be called that now.  There was apparently a NYT article that roasted the NGE a bit, and it sure didn’t make SOE/LA look good at all.  Rumors fly around pointing to an end date of February for the game, or pointing to a rollback, or any number of things.  I’d posted one bit of info on the Outlaws site, but I’ve held off on other things, because I really don’t feel like being a Cassandra (if you don’t know what that means, I suggest you do some research; then again, according to SOE/LA, players don’t like to read, anyways).


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