I Must Be an Idiot….

It seems I’ve done it again.

I’d noticed that Sacha had put up a post on the Khaz-goroth forums about recruitment, and one of the things mentioned was that there was no website set up…yet.  My first reaction was “No.  No, no, no.  No.  Been there, done that.”

And I did it anyway.  It’s basically a placeholder, and it’s not sponsored, but the Bane of the Horde has at least a temporary web site until something better comes along.  And it looks like I’ll be organizing it for now until someone better comes along for that.  I used a different theme than the one used for the Hyperspace Outlaws’ site, and I haven’t slapped up a banner page for it yet (I do have a banner, just haven’t uploaded yet).  With any luck, we may get more participation on this site.  Or not.

I’ll be officially letting Sacha know this evening that the site exists.  Let her figure out if she wants to go with it or go with some other one that may or may not be in development.


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