Watching the Fallout

Even though I am no longer in SWG, I still read the forums.  And it seems that there is still a lot of anger with NGE.  Some people sound like they are adapting well (including Teldenon-good to see he’s settling into things); some are not; and some have served notice that once their account runs out, they’re history.  Thing is…there’s an awful lot of the third category.  I kind of identify with that; I’ve been debating saving myself some hard-drive space by uninstalling SWG.

I’ve started to post a little on the SWGRangers forum; it’s the closest thing out there to the former Ranger community in SWG.  It’ll be interesting to see where the former Rangers all end up (there are a number looking at LotRO when it rolls around).

Got a copy of City of Heroes from my cousin on Thanksgiving; apparently, the game CD’s were being given out free from Best Buy in his area.  At some point I’ll install and try it out.  If I like it better than WoW, I’ll probably pick up the Villains game and go Evil..!

But on the WoW front, I’ve gotten up to level 26, and am a charter member of the Bane of the Horde guild; did a Stockades run yesterday afternoon, and I’m hoping to convince a few folks to go on a Gnomeregan run-I’d love to get rid of the quests I’m holding for that instance, as I’ve got 5 or 6 outstanding to do.


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