One Down…Two to Go….

Yesterday I managed to gain my first Imperial Ace, for the Inquisition (Nobody expects the Imperial Inquisition!), and also took some time to finally wrap up the Y-8 missions while I still could (never know if the suckers will be bugged again).  Did the entire squad solo, which makes 2 aces in a row that I have not required aid with.  I don’t know if I’m that good a pilot, if my equipment is making a major difference, or if the missions are actually easier than CorSec was.

Trials of Obi-Wan should (in theory) hit tomorrow for those who pre-ordered.  That probably means nobody will be able to actually play tomorrow.  How cynical I’ve become.  I expect, however, that I’ll hold off on actually hitting Mustafar until I’ve at least wrapped up the Imperial Aces.  Storm Squadron Ace is the next on my hit list-according to the Pilot’s FAQ, it is the most difficult squadron in the game.  That’ll go a long way to showing me what kind of pilot I really am.


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