The State of the Hyperspace Outlaws – My Thoughts

Pizmo alluded to this in his blog, but in case someone missed it, I’ll recap.  It has been remarked recently that perhaps the guild is in a dying stage.  This was in response to the fact that it seems we have fewer and fewer members active these days, and can rarely muster up the force needed to take down Imperial Bases.

Like Pizmo, this is my first guild; SWG my first MMORPG.  Therefore, in terms of practical experience, I can’t say much about the average guild and how we compare.  I do read a great deal in the forums, but recognize that the folks on the SWG forums come from all over, including beyond the USA.  But on the forums, a number of guilds-Rebel guilds-seem to be organizing, seem to be acting…and that list rarely includes the Outlaws.

It seems to me that what we lack is an identity, something beyond “We’re a Rebel guild”.  We don’t have a charter or purpose beyond just helping each other out.  I do not mean to disparage the idea of helping each other out-that’s the point of a multiplayer game, after all.  It just seems that we don’t offer a concrete purpose to the galaxy in general.  We’ve recently gained a potent recruiting tool-the shuttleport in Horizon.  But we need to ask ourselves what we have to offer to a prospective guild member.

Then there’s the question of leadership.  We’ve gone steps in the right direction, I feel-we’ve had too many leaders at once, and that also makes it hard to consolidate an identity.  Now that we’ve pared the leadership down to four, we need to look at the next step-the exercising of that leadership.  Unfortunately, this is a difficult thing.  Half of our leaders are usually only available on the weekends; there are few mails by the leadership to organize any events-and worse yet, few people available to attend.  The existence of the Outlaws site should have helped in this area, but few members participate, let alone watch the site.  The most powerful tool this site has-the ability to plan and sign up for events-largely languishes.

The leadership has trouble planning things with the membership; the membership often skips out on the events of the guild.  These issues feed on each other.  I don’t have the answers; I’m not even sure there IS an answer.

Finally, there is a certain irony that I write this now; for those who have not yet seen the in-game mail, I have left the Hyperspace Outlaws for the time being to pursue my personal goal of gaining all 9 of the pilot ace titles, three of which are Imperial squads.  I’m not going to retype the full details here-get in game and read the mail.  My absence has NOTHING to do with the details described above.  My inevitable return, likewise.

Because this is a set of personal opinions, I would prefer that any comments on this subject be made on this blog entry, rather than the general forum for the guild.  Let’s let the forum be the place where solutions are born.


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