Just a brief update

On the WoW front:  hit level 31 yesterday.  This weekend if things go really well, I might hit 32.  Slow going now, since I’m splitting time between SWG and WoW, but I’m in no particular hurry.  I’ve done better against Alliance ambushes; seems that even players more than 10 levels above me can be sheeped.  I’ve also begun to appreciate the use of mana shields when sitting to heal/drink.  Those extra hit points are important to surviving a rogue ambush; of course, that is balanced by the fact that the mana pools gets seriously depleted, but the numbers speak for themselves:  I have slightly over 600 hp.  I have over 1500 mana.  I’ve been hit by rogues for over 500 hp.  We’ll see if that actually makes a difference in practical terms.

On the SWG front:  rejoined the Rebellion, after deciding it was time to start working on another Ace-this time for the Rebel faction.  I’ve already gotten my first 2 tier 1 boxes, and am close to the third; possibly, this is because I get double xp for those kills because I aced Freelance, and when I ace this one I’ll get triple when I work on other squads.  I’ll be able (eventually) to pull off 6 aces…unless, of course, I get drawn to the Dark Side and get an additional 3.  Hmmmm….  Also unlocked branch 6 of FS skills, which means I only need a zillion FS xp to get the Mel quest (should I so choose).  Since I don’t really do heavy grinding, I’m in no immediate danger of needing to make the choice.


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