HOLY !$@%

The SWG team has put up a thread in their “In-Development” forums that centers on the redefinition of the Ranger profession.  If you look hard enough, you can see my initial impressions on that thread.

Coreth Landwalker could very well end up a very different kind of character if these changes go in.  (And it IS an “if”; I’ve seen similar kind of things in the Smuggler profession get completely ignored, so I’m keeping the elation in check to an extent)  It seems that the Ranger profession is going away from Aragorn, and heading more in the direction of the Antarian Rangers; a more paramilitary role, centering on stealth, espionage, and strikes from nowhere.

What does this mean for my character?  Nothing, yet.  These changes aren’t in Live, may end up in Live very changed, or may not end up in it at all.  When something DOES happen in live, I’ll certainly test things out a bit.  (I may have to start developing a Test Center character as a ranger, just to prepare)

There are a number of professions that are looking at this as an issue; I’ve already seen threads from Commandos, Smugglers, and jedi who aren’t happy about some of the things mentioned on the thread.  Some of their comments I agree with, some I empathize with, and some (of course) I don’t agree with at all.  Hop over to the forums and read up on the thread.  Changes are a’comin’, and I’m anxious to see what comes out of them.


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