Crash ‘N Burn

The weekend certainly held some excitement on SWG.  Nice, big space PvP event in the Deep Space sector.  I was originally slated for a gunner’s spot on Ashtan’s Nova, but due to certain inconveniences (another person non-guild related wanted a spot, and as I could reach DS on my own), I went out in my Vaskai.  Never PvP’d with that ship before, and I thought I’d give it a try.

Ah, humility.  Had my head handed to me for the most part.  A combination of very good Imperial pilots using superior equipment gave me insight on just what I need to work on to make my ship and my own skills competitive.  I died far more times than I killed (although I believe I disabled a few as well), and I did manage to contribute to 2 ISD kills; the first one I finished up the bridge, and the second one I seem to recall exploding at least one of the shield generators.

Sadly, I believe the Vaskai is best left for PvE, and for any future PvP, the Belb will be the way to go (the only ship that matches the JSF realistically).  Even then, I’m going to need to reconsider its loadout a bit.  Sooner or later, I’m going to get some parts RE’d, and we’ll see what happens then….

On the WoW front, hit level 28 yesterday for my mage, and even managed to turn in a few quests with the help of a couple others and one of the guild’s alts.  Haven’t been butchered nearly as much recently by other players (at least not in the same quantities).  Looking forward to trying out some of the new spells (or more importantly, the more potent versions of old ones).


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