Time to take a break

Over the last couple of days (in which I’ve spend a great deal of time trying to find spinner blades for a creature recycler), I’ve found it very hard to bring myself to log in.  My profession still has major issues, the devs keep introducing major league nerfs and huge profession-breaking bugs (tailors, BE’s, DE’s).  I’ve taken a hard look at Coreth Landwalker, recently.  Don’t need to collect credits for a long time, thanks to a few really good contracts on hide/meat/bone.  Done a lot of the quests I’ve set out to do (although a few are more or less stuck for now, due to the fact that a ranger isn’t really equipped to solo them), mastered the professions I cared to master.

This isn’t a good sign for me.

It’s time for me to go on sabbatical, as it were.  This evening I’m going to take a few minutes to make sure my housing structures have enough maint for a while, and walk into the sunset.  Think I’ll give WoW a try, since I’ve a number of friends who have been urging me to give it a shot for months, now, and I was able to pick up a copy with the help of a gift card I’d finally relocated.  I imagine I’ll be back by the time the next village shift comes, since I want to unlock the last 2 branches to show that if I wanted, I COULD become a jedi.

Of course, this means a High Council member will be more or less vacant for an extended period of time.  The guild deserves a bit more than that.  So effective immediately, I am resigning from the High Council.  I will still maintain my webmaster duties on the site (which isn’t as hard as it sounds); I expect that the other members of the HC will be able to easily find someone to fit into my former spot, as I tended to be rather lousy at setting up events and the like.

But let me reiterate-this isn’t “good-bye”.  WoW will be an entertaining diversion, but it ain’t Star Wars.  THIS is the setting I want to play in, but current events have made it damned hard for me to work up the enthusiasm.  So it’s time to walk away for a bit, spend some time elsewhere for a while-but I WILL be back.

Expect some WoW remarks in some of my future entries; it’ll be interesting to compare and contrast with SWG.


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