Mmmmm…dead sith…!

As folks who check the Outlaw News know, there was a rollicking good time last night at the Village.  Aewrei, Othmos, Kronzon, Ussominob, Pizmo, and I (plus two folks from elsewhere) grouped and blew away sith by the truckloads.  Credit was a little rough, though, because there was an awful lot of people there at each gate, and only the group with the most damage to a target got credit.

As a handy tip-choose one person to be your “targeter”.  He should be the one who targets the sith as they spawn in, and the one who has the fastest trigger finger.  Everyone else should target the “targeter”.  When the spawn hits, everyone start firing.  The assist feature in the game will cause those targeting the “targeter” to fire at his target.  The consolidated firepower should help in giving your group the credit for the kill.  This works better than everyone choosing their own targets and hoping it works out (although folks with the T21 may have a little easier time, heh, heh).  This strategy worked out well for us last night.  Note that this is best with ranged weapons.  Even if you are normally a melee type, consider using ranged for this quest-it makes a difference.  Also, the folks doing the heal quest should be aware that others on the same quest will be tossing off area heals, and that may or may not impact your own work (I’m not all that up on the whole heal thing, so others more experienced will have to speak for that).  Also be aware that those individuals do not get to see a count like the shooters do, so they only find out how they did by talking to their quest giver.  Hope this info helps others in the guild doing the phase 4 stuff.

Unsurprisingly, I made my unlock during my second wave, but stuck around for a third to help out the rest of the group.

Don’t have any major in-game goals for the weekend, at least not at this time.  Maybe I’ll try some of the random quests lurking around the NPC cities for kicks.


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