Back at last, plus thoughts on events

Logged in yesterday, picked up a ‘vette holo, killed a mutant acklay on Yavin, hunted krayts, and indulged my personal hobby of exploding Black Sun starfighters.  It was a good way to return back to the game after my week off.

Didn’t look like there was much going on on the guild front; I have noticed in the last week some remarks about the lack of guild events, and some of the responses to it.  It seems to be a vicious cycle here.  Folks want to do a guild event.  Someone sets one up.  Nobody shows up.  The one who sets it up gets frustrated and doesn’t bother doing it again.  Cycle repeats.  I’m guilty of this too-I recall my “dungeon badge” event a while back, where exactly three people showed up (and to be honest, it wasn’t all three at once-it was 2 folks, one left, one joined).

I wonder if some of the problem is that we’re made up of a great many independent-minded folks.  We have a significant list of people in our guild, and my friends list often shows many guild members are on when I am on.  But I hear from relatively few in the GuildChat, and many of us are off doing our own thing, unable to get involved with a guild event-especially when it’s a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing.  Grinding seems to be the end-all and be-all of the game at this point in time.

Perhaps it’s time to evaluate what our goals are, short and long term, as individuals and as a member of the guild.  I think I’ll throw a topic on the forums on this, because I feel that this is a question that needs to be answered.  It’s a pity that the majority of the guild doesn’t seem to comprehend that this site exists for things like this, but everyone’s had plenty of notice that there’s stuff here.

I’m beginning to get maudlin, so I’m gonna cut this short, and get back to pretending to work….


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