An unsurprising realization last night

A chunk of the guild participated in a base raid last night-well, kind of.  The raid got turned around on us on Talus, and we got yet another graphic demonstration of the futility of fighting Jedi.  I’m beginning to understand why some folks are beginning to call this Jedi Wars (not to mention why so many folks go BH or Jedi themselves).

My effectiveness…well, let’s just say it didn’t exist and leave it at that.  I was probably most effective when I manned a turret and incapped a couple folks (I never saw kill messages, so I presume that nobody actually died).  This has just confirmed for me a simple fact that I probably should have realized going in:  rangers are not a PvP profession.  The CL may say 80, but the ranger profession offers none of the specials that many other 80’s get that would help in such circumstances.

A valuable lesson has been learned-my template is geared towards PvE.  I’ll happily spend time killing stormtroopers and krayt dragons and the like, and leave the player and base killing to those more suited for it.


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