Carpel Tunnel and Krayt Dragons

Well, yesterday was another red-letter day for me.  I’d hopped all over the galaxy during my play-time.  Spent a short time trying to find the principles of the Hero of Tat quests (you would think that a ranger would have an easier time with this), before heading over to Naboo to do some research.  After that, I hopped over to Yavin IV to see if I could find some Death Star debris.  While I did see places where it landed, I also discovered that actual possession was a quest reward from the Imperials!!  Well, another dream dusted.

Feeling discouraged, I decided to see if I could do one more impossible thing-so I headed to Tat, and headed to the Krayt Graveyard, and took on an ancient krayt.  Managed to get it down to half of it’s health when I miskeyed my attack sequence, and it got me.  Off to the cloners.  Went back.  This time I lasted all of five seconds.  Off to the cloners.  The next assault I had managed to whittle it down to slightly over 1000 health (the regeneration on these suckers is hideous), but again, a keying error and-off to the cloners!!!  It was getting late, but I estimated I could get one more try in-but not before I redid my toolbar (because I wasn’t planning on hitting the wrong key be my cause of death again).

All told, the assault lasted about one and a half hours, from first shot to the final glorious moment when the krayt ancient fell to my T21 (good thing it was already in the graveyard).  For some reason, I couldn’t harvest its hide, but I did loot off of it a number of advanced assault armor cores (was hoping for any pearl, for display purposes.  Oh, well.)  My wrists were hurting from the constant keying of special assaults by the end, but I got the coveted Ancient Krayt Dragon Hunter badge, so it was worth it.

Also noted that the guild leadership decided to change the titles on everything.  *groan*  Just when I’d put up the FAQ, too.  Version 1.01 is gonna be coming up sooner than expected.  Will also have to redo the titles by the appropriate members on the site.  Also noted that somehow, I’d moved up from a “manager” style position to a “leader” style position.  Reminded me a little of how I got my current job, interviewing for a lower position, and as the process went on, the job position kept moving up and up….!


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