Quests, and More Quests!

Well, the CSR’s were as useless as I’d heard; no joy on my issues from them.

So I figured I might as well try something new and more established, and started the Hero of Tat quest.  Me and another fellow I ran into more or less wiped out the squill cave (not as many players there anymore, since it’s only 1 xp per kill most of the time), got the hermit, got his squill skull, and got out.  Also managed to get the Intellect Mark this evening.

Then, in a wild fit of desperation, I figured to check out the site of the Sith Campsite again, as I still had the waypoint.  DaWookie was kind enough to accompany me to the site-and there they were!  You’d think they’d have had the sense to relocate their campsite, but apparently, these Sith are a few sandwiches shy of a picnic.  DaWookie and I killed the Sith, I got the datapad, and I’m on track to make a Dathomir trip tomorrow.  (Again, public thanks to DaWookie for giving me a hand here.  Between this and the Warrens, I wouldn’t be in this position without him.)


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