It’s Uber-Ranger for the Win!!!

Over the weekend, I managed to get screwed out of the Sith datapad that supposedly had the coords to the Village (that’ll teach me to work with folks outside the guild); have a CSR ticket open to see if they can either get me the pad or reset my quest journal so I can get ambushed again.  We’ll see what happens.

On the other hand, I figured I’d hit some of those exploration badges that I’d been hesitant to go to before.  You know the kind-the ones which have very hostile folks living in them?  I started in the Lost Aqualish Legion caves, and being CL76, more or less cut my way in.  Then I hit Rori, and took care of the Secrets of the Syren quest that I couldn’t get through in the past (although I got screwed out of the schematic-I’m sensing a painful lesson here; I’m certainly not doing the minor quests mentioned in the same publish if I’m getting nothing out of it).

What REALLY made things clear to me was my encounter at the Hyperspace Research facility.  Now, keep in mind:  a lot of folks who support the CU say people hate it because they aren’t “uber” anymore.  Well, it appears the opposite has happened with me-I took down an AT-ST solo with an advanced rifle and Ubese armor.  How?  I was CL76, and it was 65.

Okay, I haven’t gone completely around the bend-I still needed substantial help to get through the Warrens, and I still hesitate to try another corvette mission-and I’m not even going to consider Death Watch Bunker!  But I’d have never done any of this in the old system, because AT-ST’s would fry me.  Perhaps tonight I’ll take a final look at the badges I don’t have yet that involve exploration and hit the rest (except for Kashyyyk…mainly because, y’know, I don’t have it…).

Aside from that, not too much action on the guild front.  Hunts seem to be haphazardly planned at best-the closest we came was a fairly abortive assault on Imp bases which never got off the ground (AFAIK), although it seems Horizon’s base got blown up.  The majority of the guild has yet to hit this site, which could mean any number of things, admittedly; but it also restricts the ability to plan large scale hunts (well, as large scale as you can get with an 8 person group limit).

On the site front, did a minor redesign of the forums, added a chapter to the stories section.  I have another chapter in my head about ready to put to file, and perhaps one more that’s still mixing around in the skull, but that’s about it-it’s a little tricky when you’re trying to frame stories around actual events in the game, without relying on the quests/missions of the game.


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