Learning to hate my Shadows…

Well, got ambushed by Sith Shadows yesterday night.  Right when I was clearing an Imperial enclave (from a reb mission), too.  I got incapped, but fortunately, I recovered before they were near enough to DB (I presume that was going to be their end goal).  Got away, popped a field base, called for help.  Thanks go out to Ussominob, DaWookie, and Siralos for answering the call for aid to put these suckers down.

Unfortunately, the disk they had wasn’t readable.  After going through the forums for advice, I learned that looting one of the Shadows BEFORE killing them both may not have been the best move I’ve ever made.  With any luck, I will receive another ambush (tried to taunt them into appearing, but no luck).

Carefully note that my activities of late do NOT mean I am going Jedi.  That’s a hard decision to make, and I rather enjoy being a ranger.  When all is said in done, I’ll have no more than 4 spare skill points for FS skills.  That means that to get to the point of being a Jedi Initiate, I’d have to give up my combat skills or my ranger skills.  The main reason I’m doing this is a) the old man DID show up, and b) I don’t want to be dodging Shadows for the rest of my career.

Won’t be on the game today.  I have an appointment to keep at Midnight tonight….!


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